So Who Is Looking For A Sit And Go Strategy They Can Run With?

The Sit And Go Tournament otherwise known as an SNG is a Texas Hold'em variant. All the games participants have to pay an entry fee to enter the tournament, and these equal fees go to make up the prize pool that is played for.

The goal in a Sit And Go Tournament is to win all of the other players' chips, and win the lion's share of the prize pool, which is paid out to the last 2 or 3 players that still remain. The other players fall away, as and when they are knocked out of the game. Those players that lose all of their chips, have to depart from the tournament.

What would be the start of a good strategy that one could build upon as one progresses? Well the right play for an SNG Tournament is dependent on how many chips the player has in comparison to the blind sizes. The blinds are the forced bets that have to be made in each new round by the two players to the Dealers immediate left. As each game begins, the player will want to compare his chip stack to that of the big blind.

If he has plenty of chips that would mean that he has more than that of 12 big blinds. If he is only playing with a few chips, that would then mean that the player has 12 big blinds or less. The thinking behind this strategy is to only play a few cards that are very strong, when one has in excess of 12 big blinds.

The real money only gets made as the blinds become high, that is when there is a call for a change of strategy. Now when he has 12 big blinds or less, he then starts to play with far more cards. Now he attacks his opponents in an effort to oust them out of the tournament. This approach gives him a considerable advantage against most of the players.

How does one play before the flop when they hold more than 12 big blinds? Well protecting ones chips is far more important than taking any risks. Winning chips in a Sit and Go Tournament is less important than taking any risks. Safety first always has to be the order of the day; the winnings will then follow as one become more proficient.

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