Follow these tips and be the winner at the blackjack table

Assuming that you have already learned the basics, here's how you can make the best wins at the blackjack table. The number 21 means everything in this game. A principal strategy involves judging how to best get to 21 using the cards on the blackjack table. Simple mathematics is involved and calculating gets easier the longer game hours you collect. Keep in mind that playing online is the safest way to practice your strategy without any pressure.

First thing to do is to shy away from an insurance, unless you are a seasoned player. An insurance is basically just another wager on whether the game dealer has a card with a value of 10 or a card that has a 2:1 payout. Aces and 8s should be split all the time, while cards with a value of 4, 5 or 10 shouldn't be split. Since kings, queens, jacks and 10s all have a value of 10 each, there are several cards on the blackjack table that has a value of 10. Assuming that the dealer's succeeding card is a 10-value one, you could classify the deck into two - one group that are likely to bust and the other group that will probably win. In line with this, on the instance that the dealer has card value of 6 or less, he will probably bust. On the other hand, if the gets a card value of 7 or more, it is probable that he'll have a total card value between 18 and 21. At this point, players who have a total of below 18 can play aggressively but remember that they are risking going bust.

When your card total is 11 or below, always hit, while if it is at least 17 and the dealer isn't showing a card vale of 7 or more, you have to stand, all the time. A soft hand is one that has an ace valued at 11. The main thing to do is to double down if the dealer is very likely to bust. A hard hand is a hand that has either an Ace that's valued at one or a hand that doesn't have an ace at all. Making a strategy significantly lowers the house edge.

The Thorpe Method

A lot of people consider Edward Thorp as the father of counting cards. His book entitled "Beat the Dealer" rapidly became the suggested guide for players who want to make an advantage over the house. He devised a method of assigning a value to every card. With this, players could keep track of the remaining cards on the pack. If they have a positive running count, they would probably get cards with high value and vice versa.

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