Laws for Online Casinos

Placing a bet through an online casino is no longer new nowadays. In fact, the industry of online gambling has been skyrocketing since it has been introduced to the players. Online casinos are being preferred by the players compared to the land-based casinos because of the many benefits it can bring. However, the rules being implemented on the physical casinos are quite different compared to those rules apply to the online version.

Is Online Gambling Legal in My Country?

Many players are wondering whether online gambling is legal or not. To be quite frank, the legality of online casino depends on the country where a player lives. The laws regarding online gambling differ from one country to another. Thus, it would be better to check first the rules and regulations before playing online.

Country like Canada allows online gambling, but there are laws governing the online gambling websites. That is why the number of players who do sports betting and play casino games in Alberta's online casinos is the highest in history. And is not slowing down by any means, which just shows how a good regulation of gambling laws can have a big positive impact on the industry. Meanwhile, US federal law does not prohibit online gambling, but betting on sports via gaming site where the server is located in the US is totally illegal. Gaming sites offshore are usually legal, making the players be able to legally place sports bets on gambling sites located in the Latin America or the Caribbean. It is also possible for the US players to bet on sports from online casinos located in Australia as long as they accept US players.

Under the US federal law, banks are prohibited from processing payments to online casinos. Betting per se is not prohibited. In this case, the bank, and not the bettors, will face the charges. This is the reason why US players are left with fewer payment options. Most banks refuse to accept fund transfer to online casinos. As an alternative, players may use credit, debit, or prepaid cards instead. Using the cash transfer services like MoneyGram and Western Union may also help. Other players who are using bitcoin may also use the said cryptocurrency in paying the online casinos. Since there is no law regulating the digital currency, players can safely use it.

Although there are laws regulating online gambling, the prosecution against illegal gambling activities are very rare. Most of the time, the defendants are simply asked to pay for penalties or given deferred sentence. Still, players should take extra caution in avoiding illegal activities related to gambling.

How to Find a Legal Online Casino

Looking for a legal casino online is not that difficult. Players simply need to do some background checking on their preferred gaming site if it is legal or not. There are countries where players can easily find an authorized online casino. For example, the legal casinos in Canada are plenty. This country is known to legalize both physical and online casinos. Therefore, Canada is one of the go to places of gamblers looking for a legitimate online gaming site.

Forums and discussions may help the players determine if their prospected online casino is legal. It is also recommended to check if the gaming site has a legitimate license that allows them to operate. In the UK for example, some of the whitelisted jurisdictions such as Tasmania, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar can issue a trusted license for the online casino.

For the US players, they can check if the gaming site is regulated by the trusted institutions such as the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and Nevada Gaming Commission.

Bet On Sports Legally

Sports may be entertaining for the fans, but it can also be fun for gamblers. They can place a wager on their favourite teams and get a chance to win some gambling money. However, it is always recommended to only bet on the legalized sportsbook. Since betting on sports is illegal in many US states, lots of sports enthusiasts are still being fooled by scams or illegal sportsbooks.

Sports league used to be against the legalization of sports betting, but some sports commissioners are turning tables. Because of the modernization in the gaming world, the legality of sports bets can be approved in the future.

For now, players are still advised to place wager only on licensed sportsbooks. Canadian players can already find sportsbook through their trusted online casinos. On the other hand, US players may have a hard time in finding legal sportsbook. They may try betting on the offshore sportsbook, but they might encounter some hassles in depositing payments.

Players should make sure that they are of legal age in order to be qualified to bet on sports. Some countries require the player to be at least 21 years old, while others allow at least 18 years old.

How Online Casinos Are Regulated

Online casinos should be legitimate in order to be issued a license. They run through intensive checking to be considered as genuine. There are institutions such as eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) that can help players identify the regulated online casinos.

The eCOGRA is a non-profit organization that implies high standards in checking the fairness of an online gaming site. Once verified, the online casino will be given an eCOGRA seal that they can display on their website.

Casinos are regularly checked and re-inspected by gaming commissions and gaming institutions to ensure that players are always having a fair game on the site.

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