Are ceramic poker chips good for you? Find out here

If you are hosting a poker game for quite some time, or hosting a match for players who play regularly, you need to have a decent chip set. Even though there are thousands of sets available for sale, the chips have various categories. They can be classified as either low end or high end. This category is from amateur players and use it to separate the cheap set from the more expensive ones. In this category, you are basically choosing between the plastic and ceramic poker chips. Another category is the ceramic poker chips versus the clay chips, which is used by professional players to distinguish chips on the more expensive end.

Cheap Plastic/Supermarket Chips

These are the chips that you get from a poker set for children and can't be used in a real match. Radial and Hoyle are the top manufacturers for this kind and they are very affordable. Of course, they look and feel inexpensive. They have ridges on the outside for easier stacking but at times these ridges actually make stacking more difficult.

Cheap Plastic/Super Diamond

Although they are from being impressive, these chips are way better compared to the supermarket ones because they aren't flimsy. They are close to the actual casino-grade chip in terms of size and weight. At $0.05 per chip, they are quite affordable is ready for customization. However, they still look relatively cheap and only comes in one color.

Cheap Plastic/ABS Plastic

These chips are the current favorite among players. Commonly called as dice chips, they are made out of several forms of plastic and is affordable for the home players. They have a metal slug to add to their weight while some do not, but there isn't a noticeable difference, really. Although they are marketed as casino-grade because they have far better quality, they are certainly not. Those who only play for fun can be impressed with this kind of chips and some professional are okay using it.

Faux Clay

These are very good-value-for-money chips. They look similar to super diamonds but is made of another material and has a gritty texture. They are more slippery too and stack and shuffle better. These chips are officially called deluxe dice chips. However, they are hard to come across these days.

Nice Plastic

Although they are plastic, these chips have a very high quality. Some of them are even casino grade. If you want a mid-range but do not want to sacrifice quality, these chips are a great option.

Ceramic Poker Chips

These chips used to be very popular five years ago when compression clay composites where sold cheaply. Majority of buyers of this kind of chips have been happy with it. Nevada Jacks used to be the most popular manufacturer. Ceramic chips are commonly used in casinos but there are also seuts marketed for home use.

Casino-Grade Ceramic Poker Chips

Casino-grade chips made of ceramic were introduced as a substitute to clay chips. These are totally flat and are ideal for those who like seeing high-quality graphics on their chips. They are more durable than clay and are highly recommended for those who want casino-grade chips.

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