Shopping For Poker Chips? Here Are The Three Different Options!

Not all Poker chips are the same so before going to the store, it's a good idea to familiarize oneself with what is currently available. Join as we take a look:

Clay Poker Chips

These are the fanciest kind of chips one can purchase. Although they are called clay they are more like a clay composite with the inclusion of other materials as well. They come in the standard 39mm. casino diameter, and each piece weighs a comfortable 8 - 11.5 grams. When playing at an online poker room, what matters more than the chips is the bonus you receive when registering a first-time player account. The type of bonus you receive will depend on the poker room you wish to play at, and could include free chips, free money, or something completely different. Our friends at said that they offer plenty of different bonuses and poker rooms, so visit them to start playing poker online.

Metal Chips

These chips are actually made with a metal core combined with an outer plastic surround and again weigh 8 - 11.5 grams. These chips out of the three different kinds are the most durable and the ones most likely to match the expected norm of any casino.

Plastic Chips

Although not as substantial as clay or metal, they are far cheaper and still do the job. One can find plastic chips that are of a higher grade than the likes of Kmart and toy stores by shopping around, and for a little extra cash, may be considered a very good alternative.

How Many Poker Chips Required?

Dependent upon the size of the games for their intended use, here are some recommended chip amounts one will want to know.

3-4 Players - 200 Chips 5-6 Players - 400 Chips 7-8 Players - 600 Chips 8-10 Players - 800 Chips

In closing, it may turn out that one buys more chips than they need. However it's far better to end up with more Poker chips than required, than to actually run out in the middle of a game. One can't imagine that going down terribly well. It might even give the opponents an edge. Now that definitely wouldn't do, would it!

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