This is the best guide in understanding the craps table layout

The layout in a craps table can be intimidating. Those who have no experience playing the game will find it very hard to understand the terminologies and the language used in general during the game. It is not impossible for players to commit mistakes at the craps table. He might not be aware that his actions could turn other players against him, and the pressure from onlookers can be overwhelming. However, as soon as you're familiar with the game, you can hold yourself up well at the craps table and you'll realize it is the best game in a casino. In this game, everyone usually loses or wins together so you can now be friends with the other players. The odds are among the best you will come across just as long as you make the correct bets and there is no better excitement than rolling the dice. Understanding the craps table layout is undeniably the most important step in learning the game. As soon as you understand what every piece on the table is for, learning the game play will be easy.

The Pass Line

This normally runs on the outside of the table. This is where players put their pass line wagers, which is the most popular bet in craps. In simpler terms, the pass line bet is betting that a player will beat the house.

Don't Pass Bar

Basically, this is the opposite of the pass wager. Every time the pass line bet loses, this don't pass bar earns. You can't bet here once the come out roll is done, yet you can take back your wager after establishment of the point. Notably, those who bet here are considered enemies of other players on the table. Traditionally, players should be betting on the pass line so they win and lose together. Those who go against this tradition are shunned by other gamers.

Come Bet

As the name suggest, you place your come bets here, which are usually done after establishment of a point. It is often called a virtual pass line wager.

Don't Come Bar

The don't come bet is the exact opposite of the come wager and is a companion of the don't pass wager. The bet loses if the dice turns out an 11 or 7, while 3 and 2 makes it a winner.

The Field Area

This is utilized for field bets, which can be done anytime. You win if the dice turns out any digit enumerated on the field area.

Big 8 and Big 6

A player who bets on the big 6 says that the roll result will be a 6 before 7 can come out. Similarly, those who bet on the big 8 says an 8 would be rolled before the 7 can. It is advisable however to avoid these as they have a huge house advantage.

Place Bets

This is the area where the digits 4 to 10, except 7, are placed in individual boxes. Putting a bet here can be done any time. If you put your money on any digit, it simply means that you believe that number will be rolled before a 7 can come out from the roll.

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