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Roulette is a thrilling game that's also colorful at the same time. It became popular in European casinos and has evolved over the years. These days, several layouts and game styles have developed, the most popular being French and American versions.

The roulette table used is a crucial aspect in playing. The electronic components, such as the dealer consoles, controller units, mounted PC and utility and security buttons, embedded on the table are as significant as the table's playing surface. TCSJOHNHUXLEY is an industry leader and has unparalleled experience in fusing technical revolutions with classic gaming modules, giving their products a huge edge over their competitors. As technology is reaching all corners of the gaming floor, more and more operators raise their integration standards on their tables. The flexibility to install several high-tech electronic equipment in gaming tables has rapidly become a top requirement for casino operators. Fortunately, TCXJOHNHUXLEY meets this requirement.

People's demand for creativity is at an all-time high these days. The company has answered this demand by creating a range of tables that will make a mark on your gaming floor. The roulette table produced by the company are detailed to be truly in line with your company's theme. Whether you prefer a classic layout or something that has a theme, the professional craftsmen at TCXJOHNHUXLEY will create the roulette table according to your exact specifications. All the designs are customized to have the latest materials, colours and finishes that would complement the gaming floor's overall feel.

The newest offering from the company is called Blaze ¬- it is a table that uses LED illumination technology, increasing the entertainment factor for players. With mode lighting and winning sequences, Blaze is an eye-catching and attention-grabbing feature on any gaming floor. Throughout a game, Blaze projects animations and useful information like "Place Your Bets" and "Good Luck." The winning result is also displayed, facilitating an easier game flow. Blaze is the complete media-rich gaming package that will take the experience to another level.

The Roulette Wheel and Table Layout

Before you play online roulette for real money it is important that you understand the roulette wheel and the table layout. When you play any online roulette game the first thing you will notice is the wheel. It has 37 or 38 sections on it. This includes number 1 through 36 and single zero. Some games have a double zero. European Roulette has just the single zero and a lower house edge. The number are not listed consecutively either, but they do alternate from red to black. The single and double zeros are green.

The wheel spins in one direction but the ball spins in the opposite direction. The wheel remains stationary until all bets are placed, but before you get to this you need to know how to place your bets and how the table is laid out.

The roulette table is where you place your bets. The numbers on the wheel are replicated on the board and displayed in consecutive order from left to right. They are separated into three columns. To bet on a number you place your chips on the number. You don't just have to bet on a specific number, there are lots of different roulette bets that you can place. You can bet on the first dozen numbers, the second dozen, or the third dozen, you can bet on black or red, and you can also bet on any of the columns.

There are other bets too including street bets where you bet on three numbers in a row, there's the corner bet where you bet on four numbers, the split bet is where you bet on two numbers, and there's a line bet too where you bet on six numbers. You can even bet on odds or evens.

There are inside and outside bets on the roulette table and it is well worth reading all the rules and playing some free games first so you know how everything works before you play for real money.

American vs European Roulette

A lot of people ask what the difference is between American and European roulette. The main difference between these two variations is the house edge. American roulette uses the single and double zero and has a house edge of 5.26%. Despite having poorer odds it is still very popular with players. European roulette uses just one zero on the wheel and has a house edge of 2.7%. If you want more chances to win this is the preferred choice. European roulette also includes the En Prison betting option which means you get half your wager back on even/odds bets if the ball lands on the zero. This makes this variation more enticing, especially to new players.

Where to Play Roulette Online

Roulette is a popular game at online casinos. It's fun and there is no real skill involved. Most online casinos will offer one or more variations, but with so many sites to choose from it can be hard to pick the best casino for your gaming needs. We have our own favorites so be sure to visit for a complete list of top online casinos.

When doing your research into which online casino to choose, there are some things that you need to consider.

Does the casino offer a generous welcome bonus? Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new customers and this can be very helpful. The most common bonus is the deposit bonus and this is a percentage bonus based on the size of your first deposit. It will come with terms and conditions and wagering requirements so be sure to look at these.

How many online roulette games are there? This is another thing to consider when choosing where you are going to play. There are a number of variations available as you've seen in our list above. Be sure to choose a site that has all the games you want to play.

Other things to consider are the banking options that are available, the safety and security of the site, where it's licensed, and that it is audited for fair gaming. If you check our list of top online casinos all this information will be covered and you'll find in-depth reviews to help you make your choice.

Maximize your Roulette Bets

To get the best out of your online roulette gaming, it is recommended that you use a strategy and know exactly how to play the game. If you do decide to use a strategy it is a good idea to choose one that will allow you to win more money. There are a number of different roulette strategies that tell you what to bet and when to increase your bets and you can find information online. Another way to maximize your bets is know what the odds for the different bets are. If you want to win it is best to stick with bets that offer the best odds. These are usually the even-money outside bets. Even money bets pay out at 1/1 but you do tend to win more often.

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